Sam ~ Together - Card #2

You meet up with Roxanna after school, and she sneaks you into Lipsticks again that night.

Roxanna keeps buying you drinks—not beer this time, stronger stuff. You don’t want to drink, but she’s in such a good mood and you don’t want to blow it.

Then you start to feel sick. You throw up in the bathroom and pass out on the floor. When you wake up, you see Roxanna taking pics of you with her cell phone.

“I need to get home,” you slur.

“No way. You’re too wasted. I’ll take care of you.”

You pass out again.

Somehow you end up in Roxanna’s bed. Sunlight steams through the windows.

“What time is it?” you ask, panicked.

“Chillax,” Roxanna says. “I have the day off. I’m gonna Take care of ya.”

You bolt out of bed and look at your cell phone. It’s 11:30 am. And you have seven missed calls. Five from your parents and two from your sister.

You rush around throwing your clothes on.

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Roxanna’s Thoughts
Poor baby girl got sick, but it was a crazy fun night. And this sounds strange, but it felt good to take care of Sam when she was wasted. Cleaning up after she vomited—who else would do that???
I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of her… I even went through her cell phone. Probably wasn’t so cool to do that, but I wanted to see who else she’s talking to.