Derek ~ Work - Card #1

You get the pool ready for early-morning lap swim.  You watch the half dozen middle-aged white people, the morning regulars, swim back and forth.  Then you see a flash of white string bikini against tanned skin – what is Charlene doing here?

She sits on the side of the pool, blowing you kisses.  You shake your head at her and mouth, “No, I’m working.”  A few minutes later she yells, “Bye, baby!” You turn in time to see her jump into the deep end of the pool.  She’s sinking.  You see that she’s strapped a couple of weight belts onto her.  You blow your whistle, dive in, undo the belts, and lift her to the surface.  Adrenaline rushes through you and you’re speechless.

“You saved my life.  My hero!” Charlene says to you.  “Let’s go back to my place and see if I can repay you.”

If you go home with Charlene, go to: TOGETHER - Card #3

If you go to school, go to: SCHOOL - Card #5

Charlene’s Thoughts
OMG that was so intense—sinking to the bottom, having Derek rescue me. I knew he had it in him. But now he’s not looking at me. I think I screwed up.