Elena ~ Work - Card #2

Your boss yells at you for mis-shelving several books. “What’s wrong with you, Elena?”

“I’m really sorry,” you say. “I must not be feeling well.” You haven’t been able to concentrate since you got off the phone with Ian.

“Well, you need to think about how much you really want this job.”

“I will do better. I promise.

You head to Ian’s after your shift ends.

“What took you so long?” Ian asks. You start making out on his bed. He smells like alcohol.

After a while, he tells you to kneel on the bed, which feel a little weird because you’re not wearing a shirt. Ian points his cell phone at you.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, Elena. Here… perfect.”

“Did you take my picture?” You pull a blanket around your shoulders.

“Maybe… don’t be so uptight. It’s just for fun. Something to make me happy when you’re not around."

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Ian’s Thoughts
God, she’s so freaking serious. She’s such a buzzkill. She never wants me to have any fun.