Kyoko ~ Work - Card #1

You have trouble concentrating at work. Last night’s dream keeps playing in your head—George had gotten you pregnant after all, and you were forced to get married.

You’re typing an invoice when you feel a hand on your shoulder.

“George! Oh my God, you scared me.”

“Your mom told me you’d be here.” He hands you the lunch bag you forgot on the counter this morning.


“Let’s eat lunch together.”

“I can’t– we’re rally busy.”

“C’mon, there’s no one here! I’ll tell your dad.”

If you want to tell George to leave and not to contact you anymore, go to: WORK - Card #2

If you are afraid of making a scene, go to: TOGETHER - Card #2

George’s Thoughts
Looking for work every day totally sucks. I took a break to do Kyoko a favor and she doesn’t even appreciate it. I've been away too long, and now she’s too independent.