Kyoko ~ Work - Card #2

You take a deep breath. “George, I don’t want to see you anymore. Please leave me alone and move on with your life. Please go.”

He leans into your face and whispers menacingly, “Kyoko, you do not tell me what to do.” He presses his finger into your chest, hard. You back away and he holds on to your upper arm, pinching your skin.

A moment later, your father comes out. “Everything OK?” he asks. George adjusts his grip so it looks like he is caressing your arm. 

“Absolutely, Dr. Watanabe. I just came to drop off Kyoko’s lunch.” To your relief, George says good-bye and leaves.

The incident leaves you completely shaken. You decide to meet Meera and her friends after work at the film festival on campus.

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George’s Thoughts
God, where is this coming from? I can’t believe how ungrateful she is. She is acting like I don’t matter at all anymore. She’s lost her mind if she thinks I’m going to walk away from the last four years. Is she seeing someone else? I want to meet the idiot who thinks he’s going to steal my girl away from me.