Kyoko ~ Work - Card #3

Your painting look so real on the gallery wall on opening night. Your parent and Ken are beaming, even though they look out of place. Meera is there, too, happy to give you space to mingle and shine.

Then George walks up to you. “My little girl is growing up, isn’t she?” he says.

“George, please, not tonight.”

“I’ve heard that from you before. I’m sick of you telling me what to do.”

You try to walk away, but he grabs you by the wrist. “I’m not done talking to you.” He shoves you against the wall. You stand there, frozen.

Suddenly, Ken grabs George by the arm. “What do you think you are doing? Get out of here,” he whispers. “Or I’m calling the cops. I don’t care how hard this is for you, you can’t act this way, man”

Ken leads George out of the gallery.

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George’s Thoughts
I just want her to be glad to see me. Is that too much to ask after everything I’ve been through?
Seriously, she comes here with her girlfriend just to rile me up, and then Ken’s in my face, threatening me? Why can’t anyone see that Kyoko is going down the wrong path?