Stalking Awareness Month ~ January 2019

January is Stalking Awareness Month

 While legal definitions of stalking vary from one jurisdiction to another, a good working definition of stalking is:

A course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear

Victims of stalking often feel like they have lost control of their lives because they live in a constant state of fear. Many have had to completely change the direction of their lives and relocate to flee harm and that can leave a victim with a feeling of emptiness when their lives are being controlled by a stalker.

In Umatilla and Morrow Counties, the new year will bring thousands of resolutions from abusers to never hurt their victim again. Sadly, only a few if any will be kept. Even sadder is just as many victims, if not more, will be making their own resolution to better theirs and their children's lives by leaving their abusers once and for all. Unfortunately, when they try, they find it is often very difficult to leave. Not only is the risk of violence increased, but many abusers keep tabs on their victims. Stalking does not occur only after a victim has left their abuser. They are often stalked during the relationship, making separation very difficult.  

Domestic Violence Services, Inc. has advocates available to help you with your safety needs.

If you are concerned or in fear for yourself or a loved one please contact us.

We are available 24 hours a day!! For Immediate Emergency Assistance:

24 Hour Crisis Line

800 - 833 - 1161

Pendleton Advocacy Center: 541-276-3322

Hermiston Advocacy Center: 541-567-0424

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